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Industrial visit program would provide delegates a chance to explore city’s core infrastructures, local specialization projects and the most promising industrial innovations.


All delegates are welcome to participate in industrial visit, which will be organized by Busan Metropolitan City as a complimentary program. This program will be on first come first serve basis.

  • Only registered participants in the 2018 Annual Meetings can join the Industrial Visit.
  • Host city secretariat will send the application form for industrial visit to the intended participants.
  • For more information, please contact us at
  • Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Busan New Port

  • Date & Time : May 21, 2018, 14:00~18:00(4H)

  • 14:00 Departing from Bexco
  • 15:00-17:00 Busan New Port
    Since opened in 2010, Busan New Port has already established itself as the hub port of Northeast Asia. With water depth of over 17m and 23 container berth, it is well equipped with up-to-date facilities, handing 20million TEU(Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) annually.
  • 17:00- Heading to Bexco

Smart City – Busan Traffic Information Center & Busan IoT Center

  • Date & Time : May 21, 2018, 14:00~18:00(4H)

  • 14:00 Departing from Bexco
  • 14:30-15:30 Busan Traffic Information Center
    On the occasion of the 17th ITS World Congress held in 2010 Busan, the center was build up to serve its role as a traffic control tower by establishing ITS system that is capable of handling all traffic information throughout the city. It runs around the clock to receive, process and analyze data in real time and send drivers traffic information based on the data.
    * ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems
  • 16:20-17:20 Busan IoT Center
    To vitalize local economy, this center has provided small and mid-sized firms with technical support reflecting their demands to acquire competitive advantage through ongoing research on Busan major industries, convergence and integration of different industries, technology transfer and commercialization of technologies.
    In particular, a drone demonstration project is actively underway with an aim to make the automobile flying device more widely used in various areas.